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“UV Index ” What Does It Really Mean?

Most people love being out in the sun and it’s the most natural way to get Vitamin D (through ultraviolet B rays); however, too much is dangerous. Overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause immediate effects like sunburn, and long-term problems, such as skin cancer and cataracts.

The index predicts UV intensity levels on a scale of 1 to 11+, where 1 indicates a low risk of overexposure and 11+ signifies an extreme risk.

You will hear your daily UV Index prediction with the weather news so keep an ear out. Even on a cold, cloudy day the UV can be extremely high and damage your precious skin.

In Australia we Slip Slop Slap Seek to avoid damage from the sun.
Slip –  On a shirt
Slop – On sunscreen
Slap – On a hat
Seek – Shade between 11-3 when the sun is at it’s strongest

Early detection of melanoma can save your life. Carefully examine ALL of your skin once a month. A new or changing mole should be checked by your doctor or dermatologist.

Welcome Terrain

When we visited New York last year we, of course, managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping….why else where you in New York? I hear you asking.

One of our favourite shops had to be Anthropologie and then we found terrain (their sister store), a delightful mix of home and outdoor decor (with a whole lot for your closet too). You can only imagine our excitement and delight in welcoming terrain to our family of stockists.

Launched on May 19th, terrain’s summer living assortment and accompanying lookbook is inspired by opening the doors of the beach house, letting the salt breeze in, and looking across the dunes toward summer. Their beach bags are packed with essentials from wide-brimmed hats and sun-protective clothes, to go-anywhere throws. A curated collection of outdoor living and home accents that nod to sun and surf further narrates this idyllic image of the coastal retreat.

So pop into your nearest terrain store and enjoy! We only hope they open up ‘down under’ soon….because we’re clearly missing out!!!

Hi Fi Competition Running All Week

We are running a comp this week on FB in collaberation with hifi who produce amazing handmade sunnies and specs. All you have to do is shoot over to our FB page & enter for your chance to win one of our fabulous Sombrillas and a pair of hifi super cool, handmade sunnies.

Here’s some more info on this new brand from The States but for me if they look great, protect my eyes and cut down on the amount of plastic in this world then I WANT THEM!

Hi Fi
Their frames are made from custom cellulose acetate produced specifically for Hifi. Unlike plastic, cellulose acetate is durable yet flexible, can be produced in brilliant colors and patterns and maintains its shape and sheen with age.  Likewise, Hifi uses some of the sturdiest Stainless Steel Optical hinges on the market to provide superior durability.

Their lenses are high-end, anti-reflective CR-39 lenses that are secondto none.  With thermal and chemical resistance properties of a thermoset material.  These lenses are light weight and come in a range of gorgeous colours. Check out their website for the full range here welivehifi.com

The Grommet Launches our Sombrilla in the USA




The Sombrilla was published today on the fabulous USA website and blog The Grommet.  The site launches one new product a day and also includes a video on how the Sombrilla works as well as some footage from us, Hollie & Harrie.

We’re very excited to be featured and you can see the YouTube video featuring Claire (Harrie) here, check it out...YouTube Sombrilla Footage


Support Melanoma March and March for a Cure!


Melanoma Institute Australia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preventing and curing melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer.  Located in Sydney, it is the world’s largest melanoma research and treatment centre.

The Melanoma March is held on Sunday the 24th of March 2013 and you can register or donate here

We will be donating Sombrillas as prizes for the march along with 10% of all Sombrilla sales, during the month of March, to the foundation.

Slip Slop Slap Seek Slide!


New York, New York



On our recent trip to New York we had an amaazing time. We were there to attend the International Trade Fair but of course the highlights were the people, the shopping, the architecture and just being two chicks on our own in an exciting city!

Check out our Stockists page for our new USA & Canadian stockists and keep an eye out for our new designs…..unveiling in about 4 weeks!

Christmas Shopping!


Don’t you just love shopping online? The ease of ordering from home, no angry hordes of desperate shoppers, hunting down the best price without walking for miles.  However did we manage before the net was invented?

You can’t go past a Sombrilla for the perfect Christmas present; it’s ‘one size fits all’, delivered within 3-6 days (world wide), loved by everyone aged 0-100 and will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. The only problem is choosing which colour?

Order before the 17th of December to ensure delivery before Christmas and do email us if you have any queries.

Happy Shopping,
H&H xx
Let the sun shine on…and save your skin!



Wrap them up for Christmas with a FREE Sunshirt from us!


Buy a Sombrilla during November and we’ll give you a Sunshirt for FREE!

* Select your Sombrilla design then press the ‘Continue Shopping’ button
* Choose which Sunshirt you would like (as if you were going to buy one)
* Enter the Promo Code Sombrilla in your Shopping Cart & the price of the Sunshirt will be reversed.
* Cover those precious little bodies and enjoy the sun!

Available in Classic White, Navy Blue and Pretty Pink. Sizes 2-8.

Have a great weekend,
H&H xx
Let the sun shin on…and save your skin!

Protect Your Family

Protect your family

As we get older we tend to rub pat and bathe in a myriad of creams & ointments trying to protect and moisturise our skin as it thins.  But did you know that children’s skin is thinner, more sensitive and can be damaged more easily than adults skin?  A baby’s skin is extremely sensitive to UV and sun exposure in the first 10 years of life largely determines your child’s potential for skin cancer, so keeping your child out of the sun is essential in their early years.

We all remember Slip Slop Slap and the newly added Slide (on some sunglasses) and Seek (shade between 11-3) but busy lives means we tend to forget the most important things as we’re running out of the door. I know my children often enjoy a dip in the ocean in their undies as I’m always leaving their cosies neatly in their drawers instead of in the beach bag.

Sun Tip: Buy a 30+ sunscreen for your handbag & leave your Sombrilla in the back of the car. You’ll never be caught out on those unplanned trips to the beach and pool again!

Have a great weekend,
H&H xx
Let the sun shin on…and save your skin!