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Testimonials - Hollie and Harrie
HughNY copy

This is from this past weekend – my son and daughter are on the left, cousins on the right.  They absolutely LOVE it!

Hugh. Southampton, NY, USA

Thanks for the tip on the assembly. I spent last weekend in Florida with some friends and they had the Moroccan designed Sombrilla. It was super easy to assemble and was great quality. I am a beach guy who loves the water but otherwise stays in the shade with tons of sunscreen. Your product is the perfect to stay cool on the beach.

Thanks so much!


Mark. Florida, USA

Wow. I am beyond impressed with your company. Will sing your praises.

Thank you Claire & Skye.

Sara. Balmain, NSW, Australia

It has become essential beach equipment for us – we have four children and are often at the beach.  I love the way it allows for a breeze, and I have found that it stays up perfectly even on windy days.  A great design.

Thanks once again for all your help.

Claudia. Cremorne NSW, Australia

I have had several inquiries on everything I’ve bought from you guys, I think I will order more when I go to Australia and have it couriered back to Manila. It’s becoming such a hit with my friends!

Thank you,

Myra. Philippines

I bought the first one for my girlfriend two years ago and we have had plenty of use out of it! We loved it so much that we have decided to buy one for my mum for Christmas.

Cheers, Ian

Ian P. Rosebery, Australia

We Love our umbrella so much, we are ordering another one!!!  So excited!


Tiffany J. Dallas, TX, USA


Hi Hollie and Harrie,
I recently bought a sombrilla and have been using it daily on our holiday at the far south coast of NSW. I have to tell you,  literally at least two people (one day there were four!) each day ask me about the sun shade – where I got it from, the brand and then tell me how great it is! If I were to take orders I’d be rich! I’ve been at the beach almost every day for a month – now that’s a lot of people. It has been just perfect for us and our six month baby girl. Thanks for making a great product, Claire D

Claire D. NSW, Australia

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for your top-notch customer support and coming up with an excellent product. We’ve spent a lot of time at the beach with our kids, and had tried a couple solutions for creating a shady space, but we were never happy with any of them: the tent type get so hot and collect a lot of sand, the Quik Shade type are so huge, etc. However, the moment I saw a reference to the Sombrilla on a DIY site I knew that it was the perfect solution – in fact, I figured I would make one myself out of PVC and fabric from a local shop (I’m an engineer, I can’t help it!). But, the more I looked at your website, learned about the company, and read about your genuine concern for skincare and creating a beautiful, healthy, high-quality product using “earth-friendly” materials, the more I wanted to reward your ingenuity, artistic creativity, and passion. (Plus, once I started pricing a DIY version I realized it wouldn’t be worth my time and the quality wouldn’t be nearly as good, which was confirmed as soon as I saw the product in person. And, as engineer who recognizes quality I have to commend you – it really is well done.)

I purchased it from GDC Home on St. Johns Island, SC. They have a beautiful store.

– Jeb

Jeb. Catonsville, MD. USA

Just wanted to thank you for making a great product and going above and beyond on the customer service side of things.  I’m really impressed with the honesty and transparency you showed when delays were encountered and how you made us happy customers by giving our little girl one of you sun shirts for our troubles.

We finally got out to the beach and was so happy to see how beautiful our Sombrilla was and how easy it was to setup.

We’ve been at the beach for less than an hour and have had 5 people come up to ask us where they can get one.

Your satisfied customers in Newburyport, MA USA

Palen. Newburyport, MA. USA